Lottery Ticket Worth $1.8m Found in Thanksgiving Clean Up


A lucky couple hit the jackpot when they found $1.8m lottery ticket in Thanksgiving clean-up two weeks before its expiry.

A couple became millionaires after a misplaced winning lottery ticket turned up in a Thanksgiving tidy of their home in Louisiana.

  • Tina and Harold Ehrenberg were tidying up before guests arrived for the holidays
  • Fortunately, Tina discovered a stash of tickets and logged on to check them
  • One turned out to be worth $1.8 million just in time for their Christmas shopping
  • The ticket from the June 6 lottery was due to expire in two weeks 

Tina and Harold Ehrenberg from Mandeville discovered a scrap of paper from the June 6 lottery was worth $1.8 million.

They were sprucing up the house because the family was on their way over for Thanksgiving when they came across the ticket.

Fortunately, it was not thrown out and Tina noticed the numbers had not been checked.

‘We have family coming into town for Thanksgiving, so I was cleaning up the house and found a few Lottery tickets on my nightstand that we hadn’t checked.’ Tina told Louisiana Lottery at their headquarters on November 19.

Harold soon joined his wife in checking the numbers ‘over and over again’ as they called through to the lottery’s hotline.

‘I kept waiting for something to go wrong,’ Harold said. He could not believe their luck and thought they may have missed the deadline.

Fortunately, the 180-day deadline gave the husband and wife another two weeks to claim.

Tina and Harold said they did not have any immediate plans for their winnings.

Harold added, ‘The most fun thing is going to be depositing that check.’

In addition, the store where they purchased their ticket received a percentage of nearly $18,000 as a selling bonus.

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