American man with cancer wins lottery


A man from North Carolina has won $200,000 on the lottery on route to his last cancer treatment. His luck might just be turning around!

An American cancer patient has won the lottery on his way to his final chemotherapy treatment. Subsequently, he won $200,000!

Ronnie Foster is from Pink Hill, North Carolina, and is currently battling with colon cancer. Additionally, he is a retired Department of Transportation worker and is nearing the end of this chemotherapy treatment.

Foster purchased tickets from North Carolina Education Lottery. He first purchased a $1 ticket and won a measly $5. A snap decision led him to trade in the $5 for two more tickets. Lucky he did!

The first ticket didn’t win a dime. However, he scratched the second ticket and was blown away by his big win of $200,000! After taxes, Foster took home $141,501.

“I saw all those zeroes and I froze,” Foster told the lottery.

“I didn’t believe it until I gave it to the clerk at the counter to scan. When it showed, ‘Go to lottery headquarters,’ I started shaking. I couldn’t believe it.

“I was already happy because it was my last round of chemo,” said Foster. “Winning this made it my lucky day.”

As a result, some of the winnings will go towards paying off medical fees that weren’t covered by Foster’s insurance policy. The rest, he claimed, will be saved “for the future.”

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