Lotto winner hid her £1million prize from her family…


Lottery winner waited five weeks to tell family and friends of her £1 million win. Read more to find out why she hid such a big secret for so long.

One of the most amazing parts of winning the lottery is sharing your fortunate news, right? But not for Paula Williamson, who waited five weeks to inform her family and friends. She kept her £1,000,000 EuroMillions win to herself…but for what reason?

One of her sons was travelling for a month, She didn’t want to share the victorious news over the phone, so the millionaire decided to wait for him to come back home.

The EuroMillions player from Barnsley wanted to celebrate her win with both of her sons, but there was one person of course who was aware of her extreme fortune – her husband.

“I told Geoff because that would have been so tough keeping the winning news from him, but we both decided we wanted to surprise Jack and Ian at the same time”, Williamson continues with “Celebrating the winning moment is something we wanted to ensure we would remember forever as a family.”

The winning dinner lady from Barnsley is in no rush to spend her new-found fortune. She’s currently working at the Hill Primary Academy and doesn’t intend to leave her job anytime soon, Williamson will use most of her money to make her sons happy – She’s thinking about buying a new home for each of them to have as their own or as an investment in the future.

“I keep having to pinch myself and tell myself that I really am a millionaire. We are not going to rush into spending it all but will have a splash out” concluded the £1,000,000 winner.

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