Lottery winner, cancer survivor and mother


A mother-of-three discovers her family won a £1m lottery jackpot on the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker just ten-minutes after finding out she had beaten breast cancer.

mother-of-three discovered that her family had won a lottery jackpot of £1 million just a mere ten-minutes after being told she had beaten breast cancer.

Lynne Price, a 55-year-old and mother-of-three, received her cleared scan results moments before her husband David came home to announce they had won a million. Mr Price, who is 53-years-old, checked his ticket at work to discover the family had won a whopping £1m on the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker. The couple are from New Tredegar, South Wales (UK).

Mrs Price talks about their experience:

“I’d just read the letter saying I had the all clear when David came home from work to say we’d won the lottery,”

“I can’t tell you what I said, it’s too rude, but I was in total shock…shaking and totally lost for words which never happens. I went and had a bath for two hours and just lay there trying to take it all in.”

“The letter saying she had the all clear is worth more than a million to me.”

Mr Price bought two Euromillions tickets while buying a pint of milk from his local corner shop Bal’s Best-One Convenience Store in New Tredegar.

Mr Price said: “I went home to tell Lynne but she had some big news of her own. The letter saying she had the all clear is worth more than a million to me.”

Mrs Price is a laundry worker. She was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. After having treatment, she underwent a scan in October 2019 which came back all-clear.

Luck runs within the family!

The couple revealed it is wasn’t the first big lottery win for their family, but the third! Firstly, they are distantly related to Ade Goodchild. She won £71m on EuroMillions in March. Additionally, David’s sister Judith was part of a Cardiff cigar factory syndicate that scooped a fortune back in the 90s.

David talks about how his workmates at British Airways nicknamed him “Lucky Dai,” before his big lottery win.

He reveals: “It was always a bit of a joke, but now it’s really come true. I still can’t quite believe it. We’ve been doing the lottery since it started. You put your money on but you don’t really expect to win a million.”

What are their plans?

Mr Price is an amateur climber and plans to treks to Everest base camp on a three-week expedition. He was saving up for the once-in a-lifetime trip in May but now he’s been able to pay it off in one go.

The couple have three children (aged 32, 26 and 24) and an 11-year-old grandson Corey. They are all planning a trip to China, which has always been their dream.

However, the couple both plan continuing to working while they decide what to do with their winnings.

A National Lottery spokeswoman said…”David and Lynne have such a happy story to help us celebrate 25 years of the lottery.”

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