Lottery winner continued to claim UK benefits

A lottery winner kept on claiming benefits after scooping a £300,000 jackpot. Lesley Thomas, 49, didn’t tell the authorities about her windfall and kept claiming housing benefit and employment and support allowance as before. The total overpayment was more than £17,988, Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday. Prosecutor Monique McKevitt said: ‘[Ms Thomas] received a […]

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Posted: 17:36 9th Apr 2019

Unclaimed Prizes From EuroMillions Lottery Draw

National Lottery urges people to check Euromillions tickets with 11 unclaimed millionaires. In Friday’s EuroMillions lottery draw, a total of 40 people won the life-changing six-figure sum.  However, so far only 29 of those lucky ticket-holders have comes forward.

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Posted: 13:33 5th Mar 2019