Australian wildfire victim wins ‘miracle’ $1 million on lottery


A wildfire victim wins $1,000,000 on the lottery. His uninsured home burnt down late 2019 in devastating wildfires.

A wildfire victim from Australia wins a millionaire on the lottery. His family is celebrating a miracle. His uninsured family home burnt don in the recent fires.

The unidentified man was devastated after his home burned down in New South Wales during the horrendous bushfires in Australia. Apparently, he feared he’d never be able to rebuild his home because he was uninsured.

On Thursday, lottery officials contacted him at work. Authorities told him he had won the top prize, which was approximately £525,000. He used his wife’s lucky numbers to win Wednesday’s Gold Lotto.

Furthermore, the winner, who remained anonymous, said he was overjoyed knowing that he could now rebuild his family home.

“All that was left of the home was a few charred teacups. We didn’t know if we would ever be able to rebuild but now we definitely can. This is amazing. I can’t get over it.”

The man was the only “Division One” — or jackpot — winner in the lottery that day. The winning numbers were 9, 42, 24, 13, 22 and 11, and the 26 and 1.

Many other effected by the fires…

On Thursday the NSW Rural Fire Service confirmed 1,870 homes had been destroyed, with a further 753 damaged. Fire officials say these figures are likely to increase.

Over half a billion animals are dead or suffering because of the wildfires.

As of Thursday, 132 fires continue to burn in the area. 55 are still not contained.

The death toll stands at 26. Additionally, 10.3 million hectares of land burn and thousands of people evacuated from holiday beaches.

The winner, from Mount Cotton in Queensland, said the timing of the win was “impeccable”.

The winner purchased his winning entry online at, Australia’s official lotteries.

Other Australians are not so fortunate as they face the devastating aftermath of the country’s worst bushfire season.

Play global lottery games at OneLotto today. Also, maybe thinking about dropping a small donation to the Red Cross who help people affected by wildfires.

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