What could lottery winners purchase this Christmas?


One lottery win could transform your Christmas. Let’s take a look at potentially the world’s most extravagant Santa list during this Christmas period.

Imagine winning the lottery just in time for Christmas. What would spend the money on? Lottery winners could spent their winnings on pretty extravagant items.

This week, Steve and Lenka Thomson claimed a huge £105 million ­EuroMillions jackpot. For the couple, this Christmas is a very special one. The pair wanted to use their money to do good, with Steve saying:

“It’s so much, I’m going to be generous… sensibly.”

However, they could have gone all out this holiday. For example, this year a £82,000 diamond-encrusted bauble, a £7m Christmas tree and a £20,000 card are available to buy for Christmas.

The world’s priciest bauble costs £82,000, including an impressive 1,578 sparkling diamonds. This spectacular decoration took more than a year to design. It also includes two gold rings and 188 rubies. Embee Jewels of London created the bauble alongside Hallmark Jewellers. The decoration raised money for the National Autistic Society in 2010.

What about a £2.8million floral wreath? It was designed by Finnish florist Pasi Jokinen-Carter. It includes 32 diamonds and 16 rubies, which are placed among blooming lingonberry, laurus and blueberry stems. However, it only lasted 12 days.

Take it to the next level – a £403,653 Christmas dinner. One 9kg free-range bird from Copas Traditional Turkeys would set you back a whopping £153. This is supposedly due to its “old-fashioned” upbringing and “superior eating quality”. You could wash it down with the world’s most expensive alcohol – a six-litre bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 has previously been sold for £380,000. End the night with the world’s priciest Christmas pud, soaked in 200-year-old Cognac and topped with a gold coin – for a lovely price of £23,500.

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? Especially a £7 million one. This was originally displayed in the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi in 2010. The tree itself “only” costs £7,800 but it is decorated with jewellery and 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds and sapphires, as well as baubles and lights. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensively decorated tree.

Finally, what about a thoughtful card to friends and family? One special card fetched £20,000 at auction in 2001. Sir Henry Cole posted this card in 1843 to his grandmother. A London illustrator called John Callcott Horsley hand-coloured. The card is one of the 12 remaining from a batch of 1,000 originally lithographed.

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