Saigon businessman wins $1.1 million on lottery


A Saigon businessman is the first foreigner in Vietnam to win a massive lottery jackpot from the American style lottery, Vietlott.

A businessman from Saigon has won a massive lottery jackpot. He is the first foreigner in Vietnam to win from the American style lottery, Vietlott. Vietlott awarded the massive prize of VND26 billion ($1.1 million) to the winner back in November 2019.

His identity has not been revealed. The man wore a mask to collect the lottery prize of over VND26 billion ($1.1 million) from Vietlott in HCMC, November 13, 2019.

He bought the series 03-07-15-22-23-30-38-43-44. Six of the numbers matched the winning series.

The winner currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City and works at a Chinese company. He bought the lucky numbers at a convenience store in Thu Duc District.

What did he do with his winnings?

He had paid 10% of his winnings as personal income tax. He also gifted VND30 million ($1,300) to the winning ticket seller, and donated VND50 million ($2,150) to charity.

How does the game work in Vietnam?

Vietnam bans gambling among its citizens. However, tickets are popular nationwide. According to Vietlott’s regulations, customers who are not Vietnamese citizens but are legal entrants are eligible to play the game.

Players select six numbers from 1 to 45 and win a jackpot that starts at VND12 billion ($518,000) by matching all six numbers from the draw. Tickets cost VND10,000 (43 cents) each, the same as the traditional lottery. The jackpot rolls over each week until there is a winner.

Vietlott signed an exclusive 18-year contract with Malaysian conglomerate Berjaya. This was to launch computerized lottery games in 2016. However, revenue from the company was down 38 percent to VND1.17 trillion ($50.46 million) in 2019.

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