Lottery Prankster Actually Wins £1M


Heard of the boy who cried wolf? Well, this woman cries lottery wins. She pranked her husband that she had won £250K but then scooped £1M for real just three weeks later. 

Self-employed carpenter Daniel Peart, 27, thought it was a wind-up when his wife Charlotte, 28, phoned to break the good news – for real this time.

Charlotte bought their winning EuroMillions HotPicks Lucky Dip ticket on a whim. The young couple from Whittlesey, couldn’t believe their luck and a previous prank made it all seem too good to be true.

Charlotte was at home with the couple’s three children when she logged on and saw a message congratulating her on a £1MMillion win. Barely able to speak, she rang her husband of 5 years and simply said ‘we’ve won it, we’ve won a million’.

Daniel was on a busy building site when the call came through so wasn’t sure he’d heard his wife correctly, and given her recent wind-up, wasn’t sure he should even believe her.

“About a month ago Charlotte played a Scratchcard and joked with me that she’d won £250,000 so when she first rang I thought it was another wind-up. It was only when she sent me a screenshot of the winning message that I realized it was true and from then on it’s been crazy.”

What Will They Do With Their Lottery Winnings?

Looking ahead, the couple is clear about their future plans with property playing a big part. Top of the list is a new home which will replace the current three-bed they worked so hard to buy.

“We made lots of sacrifices and saved so hard for the deposit for this home so I’ll always be really proud that we managed to do that but it will be so nice to have a bigger place where the children don’t need to share a bedroom. We’ve no plans to leave the area, all our friends and family are here, and we love it,” Charlotte said.

As well as our new home, we are looking for an investment property. Daniel has always wanted to start property developing so he’s giving up work to look for the first place. In the longer term we might even try and build our own home, but that’s some way off yet!”

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