Lottery Scam Kills the Dream


Have you ever received that email from Nigeria or a letter from the American Mega Lottery saying you have just won a huge lottery jackpot? It’s a scam. Hopefully you just ignored at least or contacted authorities at best. Unfortunately many people fall prey to the misguiding of others who’s only intent is to fleece the unsuspecting ones of their hard earned money. Perhaps because of the lure of easy money, some people are willing to take the chance that these are legitimate opportunities to change their lives.

These scams are appearing globally in direct mail and email. Some solicitation even occurs on social media. So let’s identify what to do and what not to do. If you are contacted by an individual or from a company, no matter how official the information looks, always question the authenticity. Seriously, when is it a smart thing to do as far as sending money to another country in order to receive your money? If you really did win, they would deduct any processing fees (not normal to have them) from your winnings and pay you the balance. But wait, there is a catch to that as well. You may actually receive a check from a source stating that you won a huge sum. You are asked to deposit that check into your bank account immediately to begin the payment process. Once deposited you are to contact the company that sent you this check to receive a funds activation code. That’s when the wheels fall off. The check appears 100% authentic. After you deposit it and ask for the activation code, the scammer takes action. You just led the scammer to your bank account and any funds you have there to which they will now help themselves.

We will write in another article about how to protect yourself  by playing online with respected sites like OneLotto.

If it seems too good to be true, it’s to good to be true!

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