Oz Lotto Jackpot Won By Victorian Family


A Victorian family wins the largest Oz Lotto jackpot in five years. The six-member private family syndicate is now $35 million richer after coming forward to claim their win.

A family in country Victoria has won $35 million after winning the 7th August Oz Lotto jackpot. One member plans to purchase an unusual item with their new windfall.

The six-member private family syndicate from northeastern Victoria held one of the two division one winning entries in the $70 million draw — the biggest in five years.

The win will ultimately go towards six different families.

They came forward this morning during a hunt for the mystery winner, with the winning woman contacting officials after hearing they were trying to contact a Victorian online division one winner.

The winner said, “There’s six of us in the syndicate and everyone will be excited to know it’s all official,

“It actually ends up benefiting six families.

She continues, “We’ve had a group chat going all morning about how we are each going to spend our share of the win.

Furthermore, some winners are buying unusual items with their winnings.

“I know one family member is going to buy a new washing machine and another is going to get a water tank.”

Oz Lotto First Class Travel

New travels plans were mentioned by winners, who want to visit family.

“We are planning a holiday to Europe to visit family and there is talk of celebrating a milestone birthday next year on a cruise,” she said.

“We had already been planning it but our plans have certainly been upgraded now! First class all the way!”

Record-Breaking Week For Australian Lottery

The wins kickstarted the record-breaking week of Australian lottery jackpots with now $80 million up for grabs.

“There is still a chance for Australians to become overnight multi-millionaires this week. This Thursday’s Powerball is also offering a massive $80 million division one prize,” Mr Hart said.

Last financial year, 18 Oz Lotto division one winning entries across the Lott’s jurisdictions won more than $237 million.

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