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You Don’t Need Luck to Play the Irish Lottery

When you play the Irish lottery online, you don’t need luck but it certainly may help if you believe in it. What you really need is the skills to select the numbers that have the best chance of providing you with the winning combination to win the jackpot.

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Posted: 21:00 23rd Oct 2016

Lottery Scam Kills the Dream

Have you ever received that email from Nigeria or a letter from the American Mega Lottery saying you have just won a huge lottery jackpot? It’s a scam. Hopefully you just ignored at least or contacted authorities at best. Unfortunately many people fall prey to the misguiding of others who’s only intent is to fleece the […]

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Posted: 13:39 23rd Oct 2016

Mistakes Lottery Winners Make

You’ve just become one of the elite group of lottery winners. Now starts the important process of of how to collect your money, where to put your money and how to manage your money going forward. Did you really think there would be no work involved? There is more work and responsibility in managing huge […]

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Posted: 20:23 22nd Oct 2016

A Million Dreams Can Come True! Play SuperLotto Plus Online

A million dreams. Perhaps even more can come true if you are one of the SuperLotto Plus winners. If you had a dollar for every dream how much money would you have? How about having a million dollars for every dream? The SuperLotto Plus results have had enormous payouts recently.

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Posted: 19:55 22nd Oct 2016

Tips on Winning the Lottery

Seven time lottery winner Richard Lustig has written a book on how to become more effective in your approach to winning lotteries. It is said that the chances of getting struck by lightning, dating a supermodel, or becoming president of the United States are all more likely than winning the grand prize. I’ll take two of […]

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Posted: 09:00 21st Oct 2016

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